Bobby From Boston

While we were in Boston, we figured we’d hit up a few vintage stores.

May as well hoard as many clothes as possible before we head back to the Midwest.

So we googled.

And a store called Bobby From Boston kept coming up in our searches.

Rightfully so.

This place rocked my socks.

Excuse the cellphone pics.

By the 2nd day of walking around Boston I got tired of lugging around my heavy Cannon.

I could have bought almost everything in this place.

They had old books, antique prints, awesome vintage clothes, bags.

You name it they had it.

We had to set an unofficial budget for ourselves the second we walked in.

We both knew, if allowed to do so, we’d go bonker pants and buy up the whole place.

Its actually kind of a blessing that they don’t sell online.

Right in the middle of the store is a pool table where some of the ladies were hemming and fixing pieces.
Hubs got himself 2 pocket squares and a tie.
After seeing this display case with a bazzillion pocket squares, he was a good boy and limited himself to 2.
They had tons of vests, sweaters, coats and other menswear.
They had a women’s section that was pretty good.
But I found what I really wanted in the men’s section.
A hand made, oversized, cozy sweater for winter.
And look!  I got to wear it just a few days after we got home!
Thank jeebus for snow and boots with the fur.
This is a horrid picture.
But you get the idea.


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