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Holy crap. The computer store I took  my precious Mac to took their sweet ass time updating the operating system and the RAM. It’s been 2 weeks and a lot has happened. Hubs and I went to Houston to visit old friends. We saw both former roomies, Bossman Nate, and some friends from when we […]

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It’s almost February…

and I’ve been absent for most of January. It’s not because I’ve been omgsobusy because I haven’t been. It’s actually been incredibliy boring. Well, that’s not entirely true. I did turn 29 (and I’ll be 29 for the rest of my life if you’d like to know) and We put in an offer on a […]

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Anomalies of the North

Fish house colonies form on the lakes as soon as the ice is thick enough.  They remain for months.  Or at least until the annual ice fishing competition in February. Blue Moon is served in mason jars. It snows… And snows…   and snows some more.  And never melts.   And flannel is the uniform […]

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So you’re 28 and you live with your parents?

Well, in-laws, more accurately. Hubs and I are living in my in-laws basement. Despite popular belief we are not destitute. There are approximately zero apartments in this town that allow pets. The good news is, now that we have zero rent/mortgage payments, a lake house is in our near future. Our house in Houston closes on the […]

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No Longer a New Yorker

We made it to Minnesota in one piece. We moved out of our teeny Upper West Side apartment on Friday. I cried. A lot. When I walked through our empty apartment to shut off all the lights, I completely lost it. I walked out the front door of our building and a homeless man going […]

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3 weeks

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest You guys, this week has been bonkers. We both came to the realization that we are, in fact, moving. In 3 weeks. No packing has taken place. None. So, we spent an hour being sad and then put on our big girl panties (big boy boxers for H) and […]

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A Great Gatsby Halloween

Hubs and I went out last night with some of our friends for Halloween. This is what we wore.  These are cell pics so please excuse everything We went as Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby. My hat kept hitting people in the face who were trying to order at the bar. Oh and I wore […]

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Happy Hurricane… errm… Halloween!

Hurricane Sandy came and went. We are all alive and well here in our teeny apartment. My brother and his girlfriend also got stranded here.  Poor kids. Anyway, we didn’t lose any power/internet/cable.  We hardly had any rain.  All is good in the hood.  In honor of Halloween, Hubs wrote a fun post for you […]

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Hipster for a Day

Last week, over whiskey, a friend of ours came up with an awesome idea. Host a hipster party. Genius. It all went down last Friday and it was as epic as it sounds.   The decorations were awesome.   Our friend Joe and Husband posing with a picture of a hipster that strongly resembles one […]

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Why I Love Husker Football

1. My Husker Shirt Collection: I have over 25 Husker shirts. One of which was my mom’s from the 70s (not the one pictured).  I wear it every opening game day. 2. Husker Bars: There are Husker bars all over this country.  I love being able to cheer along with fellow Huskers even if we […]

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