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House Plans: 2nd and Lower Levels, Phase 1

What do you think of the new digs? Nice right?! Hubs worked super hard on this transition. The sidebar and a few other things need a bit of tweaking still. Poke around, check it out.   Ok, I have the rest of the plans for you. Let’s start upstairs.   First, We need to move […]

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House Plans: Main Level, Phase 1

We close 2 weeks from today! ahhhhhh! (that would be me screaming with excitement while throwing shit into boxes) We have approxamately 359,058 plans for this house. I’m gonna try my best to give you a peek at our ‘phase 1’ plans. There will be a ‘phase 2’ that will basically be us doing an […]

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Praline or Pewter

I’m on a furniture hunting spree. It’s serious. (the cool stuff I found is in last weeks Instafriday post) In the meantime, help me make a decision. I found this North Avenue King Upholstered Bed on Amazon and I effing love it.  (shockingly, so does hubs) We can’t decide on a color. So Praline: or Pewter? Reasons […]

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Floor plans

I’m doing a completely separate blog post just for the floorplan of this house. It’s kinda confusing and I didn’t want to overload you last week. Ya know, because one post per week is my max these days. So this house is kind of a split level. I say ‘kind of’ because this isn’t one […]

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It’s almost February…

and I’ve been absent for most of January. It’s not because I’ve been omgsobusy because I haven’t been. It’s actually been incredibliy boring. Well, that’s not entirely true. I did turn 29 (and I’ll be 29 for the rest of my life if you’d like to know) and We put in an offer on a […]

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House Stalking in Boston

Hubs and I escaped the city last weekend and took a trip to Boston. What a freaking beautiful place. The leaves were beautiful, the college campuses were beautiful, but mostly the houses were beautiful. 60% of all the pictures I took over the weekend are of houses. No joke. I have 2 pictures of Husband […]

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Cabin on the Lake: Inspiration

I’m on the other side of my week long sickness. Thank the Lord. Being in bed for a full week gave me time to think (and dread) our impending move to Minnesota. In an effort to stay positive (it’s a new thing I’m trying) I decided to focus on the house we will eventually buy. […]

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The Return of the Domestic Goddess

Does this look familiar? It should. It kinda looks like the before pic from this little project from the Houston house. This is the bathroom btw. “Too much shit” is a recurring theme in this apartment. So I begged and pleaded for Husband to install a shelf above the door in the bathroom. I need […]

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Cleaning Out My Closet

We have the largest closet I have ever seen in a Manhattan apartment of this size. We may have a hoarding problem. Husband has like 64 ties. (take a wild guess how often he wears them) I mean, is this really necessary? Are you ready to see evidence of Husbands our clothing hoarding problem? Not horrible. […]

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It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect..

I’m linking up with Nesting Place today. Her motto for the year (forever?) is “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful” Love that. I’m trying to embrace this philosophy more on my blog. There has been more than once where I get all dressed, go outside, take photos and come in and look […]

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