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DIY Dry Erase Board

Sorry I was MIA yesterday. We had a Super Bowl party Sunday and it got a tish bit out of hand. I’m still recovering. I did this little project this weekend.  It took 2.5 seconds. Husband has a mini office in our bedroom. He is a nutty professor and uses 23,405 post its to remember […]

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What to do when blog block strikes

Blog about your shit from Pinterest. Duh. This is gonna be half super cool pins and half Pinterest love fest. Pinterest has changed my world and I tell it so every freaking day. Without Pinterest how would I have designed this whole apartment before we even lived here? I would have completely bogged down my […]

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I’m making them for our apartment. Cuz its easier much needed. I personally think that the hard part is over.  Downsizing from 3000+ sqft to 400sqft (a generous estimation) was NOT easy. I gave away a lot of my prized pieces.  (to friends.  I refused to sell them to strangers.  I need the option to […]

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I Cannot Kill A Book

When I was at the Etsy event earlier this month, I fell in LOVE with all the decor made with book pages. I knew I could DIY some of the things I saw. However, I have a problem with tearing pages out of a book. But I’m totally cool with stuff made from dismembered books. […]

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It wasn’t easy, let me tell you. We sold 99.9% of our stuff before we left Texas.  That was a start. I had been researching ways to appropriately downsize (read: Pinterest addiction) for months before we actually moved. This is what I learned: Hide your shit. That is exactly how we fit all our stuff […]

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More Christmas Swag

I got my much sought after evergreen bough this weekend. It is everything I hoped it would be and more.  I clustered some of my glass ornaments together on the bough.  I have these clippy poinsetta flowers that I clipped on the edges to hide the hooks.  I hung a pincone ornament in the middle. […]

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Downsizing Christmas

Before we moved from Houston to Manhattan, I was forced to downsize my 6 Christmas decoration boxes down to 3. It wasn’t easy. But now that we are here I’m glad I parted with the stuff I found in the 80% off aisle at Hobby Lobby. I was only able to display 1/4 of what […]

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The (almost) Finished Apartment on 85th

Its as done as its gonna get. My in laws are coming to visit today. So today is my deadline to just let it be. Disclaimer: it is raining outside so the place looks super dark today. Its not normally this cave like. Also, some of these are a little blurry. New camera has a […]

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General Mayhem

We are almost done unpacking. It goes a lot faster in a smaller space. However, it is much more challenging. Its like playing tetris with boxes. I should have finished product pics for you by tomorrow. Especially since we have internet now. **happy dance** The day after we took possession of the apt we went […]

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Apartment Therapy

So you may have noticed that I dropped off the planet for about a week. I was in a real crab ass mood.   I figured I’d spare you the overly dramatic word vomit and just complain to my dogs instead.  Allow me to sum it up:  House still on the lease market + Husband […]

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