Floor plans

I’m doing a completely separate blog post just for the floorplan of this house.

It’s kinda confusing and I didn’t want to overload you last week.

Ya know, because one post per week is my max these days.

So this house is kind of a split level.

I say ‘kind of’ because this isn’t one of those split levels where you walk in the door and into a flight of stairs.

This is the floor plan for the ground and lower levels.

This illustrates which rooms are lower and which rooms are ground:

The blue section is the ‘lower’ section.

Here is a pic of what I’m trying so hard to explain.

Make more sense now?


Anyway, here is the floor plan for the upper level.

The Master bedroom is the smallest bedroom in the house.  However, I think once we move a door our king sized bed will fit.  It looks a lot bigger in the floor plan than it actually is in person.

Just for fun-zies, here are pics of the kitchen and the lower level/basement-type area.

I have TONS of plans for this house.

This house is 100% outside my comfort zone.

I like traditional.

Our Houston house was a modified colonial four square.

Give me closed off rooms any day!

This house is completely open.

Paint colors?  No clue.

Upstairs living room?   Yeah, I have no earthly idea what to do with that bidness.

I’ll explain all our plans in another post.

Actually I’ll probably do a ‘plans’ post for each level.

There’s that much shiz to do in this house.

March 22nd can’t come soon enough!


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