Floor plans

I’m doing a completely separate blog post just for the floorplan of this house.

It’s kinda confusing and I didn’t want to overload you last week.

Ya know, because one post per week is my max these days.

So this house is kind of a split level.

I say ‘kind of’ because this isn’t one of those split levels where you walk in the door and into a flight of stairs.

This is the floor plan for the ground and lower levels.

This illustrates which rooms are lower and which rooms are ground:

The blue section is the ‘lower’ section.

Here is a pic of what I’m trying so hard to explain.

Make more sense now?


Anyway, here is the floor plan for the upper level.

The Master bedroom is the smallest bedroom in the house.  However, I think once we move a door our king sized bed will fit.  It looks a lot bigger in the floor plan than it actually is in person.

Just for fun-zies, here are pics of the kitchen and the lower level/basement-type area.

I have TONS of plans for this house.

This house is 100% outside my comfort zone.

I like traditional.

Our Houston house was a modified colonial four square.

Give me closed off rooms any day!

This house is completely open.

Paint colors?  No clue.

Upstairs living room?   Yeah, I have no earthly idea what to do with that bidness.

I’ll explain all our plans in another post.

Actually I’ll probably do a ‘plans’ post for each level.

There’s that much shiz to do in this house.

March 22nd can’t come soon enough!


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It’s almost February…

and I’ve been absent for most of January.

It’s not because I’ve been omgsobusy because I haven’t been.

It’s actually been incredibliy boring.

Well, that’s not entirely true.

I did turn 29 (and I’ll be 29 for the rest of my life if you’d like to know)


We put in an offer on a lake house.


it was accepted.


we had an inspection yesterday.

So now I feel like I can tell you guys.

We don’t close until March 22 though.


In the meantime, I’ve been working on a redesign for the blog and trying to figure out what to wear when it’s this effing cold outside. (here’s a hint: flannel under a coat with wool socks is the only combo that works for me)

So that’s what’s going on in the tundra.

Now, for your enjoyment, here is a picture of our lake house.



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Anomalies of the North

Fish house colonies form on the lakes as soon as the ice is thick enough.  They remain for months.  Or at least until the annual ice fishing competition in February.


Blue Moon is served in mason jars.


It snows…


And snows…



and snows some more.  And never melts.



And flannel is the uniform of the season.


The Deets:
Flannel shirt: Gift from my Brother in law (who commented that I actually made it look fashionable.  I’ll take that as a compliment)
Leggings: Capizio
Boots: Sorel via Gilt
Hair: Going berzerk because of all this effing dry air.  Girls that live in the north: HAAALP ME!



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Insta Friday

Happy Insta Friday everyone.


Hubs told Shiner it was too cold for her naked ass and took Sheldon outside to chase the bunnies in my mom’s backyard.  Homegirl diva dog DID NOT like that.  She stayed like this crying for them the whole time they were out there.  If she only knew she hated the snow and cold.


 This is my cousin Jen.  We are 3 months apart in age.  She lives in FL we live in TX NY MN.  We haven’t seen each other in 6 years.  Which is approximately how long it took us to take this pic.  We’re a family of blinkers. and when I say we I mean Jen.


 The high school where my brothers went (and are currently attending) has an alumni game each year where the alumni play the current students.  The 2 on the left would be the alumni, classes of 2007 and 1977 respectively.  The nugget on the right would be a current student.


class of 2016.


It’s just wrong.


Stop time right now damn it.

I don’t care what anyone says.

He can be 30 years old.

But in my head he looks like this:




My bitching about the cold and snow has not, in fact, fallen on deaf ears.  See that furball of a hat.  Yeah.  It’s awesome.  Even more so with cat eye sunglasses.



Leave it to Shiner the diva dog to take up 60% of the back seat AND steal Sheldon’s bed to make herself comfortable for the dreaded drive back north. Spoiled much?

life rearranged



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Holy Crap it’s 2013

Well that was fast.

2012 was a complete blur.

Not unlike the New Years eve I experienced.

My friend J mentioned this black tie event thingy at a fancy museum.

Hubs and I jumped at the chance.

Dressing up is few and far between these days.

New York was a constant dress up party.

Minnesota…. not so much.

Here’s what we wore:



 The Deets:

Dress: Modcloth

Tights: Betsy Johnson

 This is where it starts to get a little fuzzy


 J and B = cutest couple ever







We really liked our noise makers



Just to give you an idea of how pretty this museum is.



This large glass sculpture is my favorite thing in the whole museum.  They had it lit up the whole night.

Here’s to a kick ass 2013.
Make it count.


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So you’re 28 and you live with your parents?

Well, in-laws, more accurately.

Hubs and I are living in my in-laws basement.

Despite popular belief we are not destitute.

There are approximately zero apartments in this town that allow pets.

The good news is, now that we have zero rent/mortgage payments, a lake house is in our near future.

Our house in Houston closes on the 28th of Dec.  (can I get a HELL EFFING YEAH)

>This is a lake town and because of that, the town triples in size in the summer.

And because of that, there aren’t a ton of houses on the market right now.

Sooooo we are sitting and waiting.

Meanwhile, my ‘cabin on the lake’ Pinterest board is nearing 400 pins.

Pinterest is sucking me in and dragging me into a slow, internet induced death.

I think I’m ok with it.

P.S. this is my 300th post.  Crazytown.

P.P.S. I hate posting posts without pictures so for your enjoyment here is a picture of our pups that we used on our Christmas card.


Christmas Dogs
 Don’t they look super thrilled to be freezing their dog buns off in the cold?  I think they officially hate us now.



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Deep Freeze

If you’re wondering why I’ve been off the grid, it’s simple.

Its effing freezing in MN.

The Deets:
Sweater: Husbands
Leggings: Capezio
Boots: Sorel
This is my first major snow experience in 7 years.
Also, since this picture was taken we’ve experienced freezing rain and snow.
‘snowy mix’ is what they call it.
‘death trap’ is what I call it.
I have been slowly learning to drive in this nonsense.
No accidents yet.
No promises either.



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Insta Friday

It’s Friday.

You know what that means.

Insta friday!

Mostly because that’s all I have time for today.

I am 99.9% unpacked. (can I get a woo hoo!)

Without further ado, my last week in insta pics.

Insert the obligatory follow me on instagram here (Marriage by Design) obvs.


I had a nice big vodka soda on my way out of NYC.

Then I cried to the bartender.

I was a blubbering idiot all day long.


This is where the crying started.

Shutting off all the lights and closing our cute apartment door.



Then I got to my inlaws place in MN and saw this and I started to feel a little better.

Then we got an offer on our Houston house and I felt A LOT better.


These two are still adjusting.  Clearly.
This guy sits by the door and cries for Husband all. the. live. long. day.
OMG I’m going batty with the whining and the crying and the neediness.
And I’m chopped liver, apparently, because homeboy does not want my affection.
Only Daddy’s will do.
Sorry kiddo, Daddy has a job where he actually leaves the house again.
In other news:
Faux fur Nine West coat with leather belt for $100.
Took everything in my power not to buy it.
I need another coat like I need a hole in the head.
I have 8 (well 9, actually, but I don’t count my green cape cuz it technically isn’t a coat)
Link up bizzos.
life rearranged


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No Longer a New Yorker

We made it to Minnesota in one piece.

We moved out of our teeny Upper West Side apartment on Friday.

I cried.

A lot.

When I walked through our empty apartment to shut off all the lights, I completely lost it.
I walked out the front door of our building and a homeless man going through the garbage said “Don’t cry girl, the day isn’t even half over!”
I went to our favorite bar on the corner.
The bartender gave me a vodka soda and a really awesome hug.
My flight got delayed and I ended up staying another night in the city.
With 2 of our best friends.
Husband said the city wouldn’t let me go.
Then I cried some more.
Once I got to Minnesota, my sadness was gone.
I dreaded unpacking.
We still aren’t done.
So, without further ado, our new place aka my in laws basement.
Obviously, we aren’t done unpacking.
This isn’t your typical basement either.
We have a really nice bedroom with a walk in closet (our Manhattan one was bigger but whatever)
We have a kitchenette.
Private entrance
And plenty of storage.
This place is about triple the size of our place in Manhattan.
And free.
The best part of this whole week happened Sunday.
We accepted a full price offer on our Houston house.
So the plan as it stands now is to invest our $$ from the sale of the house and save up a little more.
Lake houses are expensive, yo.
As it stands now we hope to have a house (or at least an offer on one) by June.
I’ll keep you guys posted.
Thanks for listening to me ramble.
The love I’ve gotten from you guys through this whole thing has been amazing!
I promise to be back to regularly scheduled posting soon.


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Last Days in the City

It’s the final countdown.

Friday is the day we don’t speak of.

You guys, the amount of packing we have done is sad.

Approximately, none if you were wondering.

Even though we are currently buried in bubble wrap, we are still taking time to do a few last minute things in the city.

Last week we walked around Columbia University.

The Deets:
Sweater: H&M
Leggings: Danskin
Turtle Neck: Banana Republic, stolen from my Sister
Boots: American Living, JC Penny
Bag: Target
I saw this sweater at H&M and begged and pleaded with Husband to get it for me as a (ridiculously) early birthday present.
My birthday is in January.
I was already over my shopping budget for the month (shocker) and this sweater was $65.
I would normally NEVER pay this much for anything at H&M but it has angora in it and it’s so preeetttyyyy.
Hubs caved.
And now I wear it every live long day because its so comfy.
Take a good look at this outfit.
Cozy sweater, leggings and really broken in riding shoes.
This, my friends, is pajamas in disguise.


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