9/11 Memorial

While my friend Allison was visiting, we were lucky enough to go to the 9/11 memorial in lower Manhattan.

In remembrance of this horrific tragedy, I leave you with these images.  Hug your loved ones and never forget.


Where the South Tower once stood
Almost Finished
Where the North Tower once stood.  The building in the back is the yet to open 9/11 museum


This reads: To My Sister, Jeanette Louise LaFond-Menichino
It will soon be 11-years since you left this place
You were at your desk at work and then you were gone – forever.
But you are alive in my heart everyday –
I missed you yesterday, I miss you today, I will miss you tomorrow.
You will never be forgotten – my sweet, dear sister –
Your place is here in the city you loved –
Your life lives on in me.


Judging by the location of her name, the woman written about above was in the North Tower.


The survivor tree.  You can see a chunk that still missing  on the right side of the tree.
A crowd gathers to watch the short video that plays in the visitor center




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