Because I Can't Keep Resolutions for Myself….

I’m making them for our apartment.

Cuz its easier much needed.

I personally think that the hard part is over.  Downsizing from 3000+ sqft to 400sqft (a generous estimation) was NOT easy.

I gave away a lot of my prized pieces.  (to friends.  I refused to sell them to strangers.  I need the option to visit my favorite items if I so choose)

Now that we are all moved in and sorta settled, I realize we could stand to get rid of a few more things.

The point of moving to a teeny apt is not to enjoy said apt.  Its to enjoy the city in which it resides.

Living better with less was the whole idea behind our moving to Manhattan.

So this is goal/home resolution #1: get rid of more shit. Unfortunately, the closet is gonna get the brunt of this.  As much as I love my clothes, I need to pare down to the best quality and most loved items.

Real estate is a premium in this apt. Only the best stuff survives.

Once I acomplish that, I need to organize a little better. (goal #2)

I’ve gotten off to a good start.  I cannot stress to you enough how small this apartment is.

Sex and the City, this is not.

And don’t get me started on Friends.

I need to get sneakier (totally a word) about hiding and concealing things.

Also, Husband is allergic to clutter.  Its a proven and tested fact.

The problem with a microscopic living space is that normal stuff sitting out looks like clutter.

So, I need to get the ‘stuff that needs to be out’ organized so it looks like ‘stuff that needs to be out’ and not ‘shit that will send Husband into a tailspin’

The upside to teeny apartment living is cleaning takes me about 2.5 seconds.

Thank the lord.

I put my time in with the Houston house.  I deserve a practically self cleaning apt after the hours I spent cleaning a 3 story house.

Goal #3 is kinda dumb.

I want to hang our art and I want it to look profesh.

None of this ‘college dorm room wall’ crap.

This is a big kid apartment.

Summary to this very long and wordy post:
Goal #1: Get rid of crap
Goal #2: Organize remaining crap
Goal #3: Get all of our art on the walls and make it look legit.

3 goals for an entire year = low bar and easily attainable

Just how I like it.

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