House Stalking

House Stalking in Boston

Hubs and I escaped the city last weekend and took a trip to Boston. What a freaking beautiful place. The leaves were beautiful, the college campuses were beautiful, but mostly the houses were beautiful. 60% of all the pictures I took over the weekend are of houses. No joke. I have 2 pictures of Husband…

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House Stalking: Edney's Lake House

My Mother in Law’s Friend Deb Edney was nice enough to let me creep around her lake house yesterday.  This is one thing I absolutely love about the lakes here in Minnesota: the old lake cabins. When Deb and her husband Jim bought this house on Lake Miltona (mill-tone-ah) it was boarded up and was…

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House Stalking: Golberg Guest Suite

There are some bombass cabins/houses here in lake country so I’m starting a little series to show you how awesome they are.  First up: My in-laws new guest suite.  This is what the room used to be: Yep. It used to be a hot tub room.  I’m not gonna lie, I miss it.  Husband and…

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