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Houston House

Creep Around My House: Our Master Suite

You guys, I’m exhausted. spent. to the max. But because I took pics for our listing (coming soon!) I thought I’d show your our master, finally. Let me preface this by saying our master has never ever looked this way. We don’t live this way.  We actually haven’t slept in our master since we got…

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Creep Around My House: The Powder Room

My apologies for bailing after my earth-shattering announcement last friday. I’m sure you’ll forgive me though.  Cuz my house looks like this: Yes these are cell phone pics.  Packing is the bane of my existence. Lucky for you guys we’ve also been doing home improvements to get the house ready for sale. The day after…

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Creep Around My House: The Living Room

You guys are probably pretty familiar with this room cuz of all my holiday posts. Now that the floors are done I can officially call this room done. finito. doneski. you get the idea. Many of you, however, don’t know what this room looked like when we moved in. Let me give you a clue:…

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Creep Around My House: Girly Guest Room

AKA Roommate #2s former bedroom. (sad panda) And, yes, it was girly when he was living here. He’s a good sport. So, now that I’m 100% roommate-less, I can show you our guest rooms.  (Roommate #1s former bedroom is on the list for paint and rearranging) view from the door This bed is so scrumtrulescent…

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Creep Around My House: The Boys Bathroom (Part Deux)

So I know you all were waiting on the edge of your seats to see the final transformation of “The Boys Bathroom” To see the before/progress shots click here Walla! I know. Its way better than “Pink Explosion” Much more appropriate for boys. The shower curtain, towels, soap dispenser, and tooth brush holder are all…

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Creep Around My House: The Boys Bathroom

While I was writing this I was perusing Facebook for before pics…. Holy hell I haven’t updated any of the pics of our house since, like, forever. So I’m starting a little series so you can all be creepers and see what our house looks like. First up: the boys bathroom. So, one Tuesday night…

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