Creep Around My House: The Boys Bathroom (Part Deux)

So I know you all were waiting on the edge of your seats to see the final transformation of “The Boys Bathroom”

To see the before/progress shots click here


I know. Its way better than “Pink Explosion” Much more appropriate for boys.

The shower curtain, towels, soap dispenser, and tooth brush holder are all from Walmart.  The rug is from Ross

Here’s a little bit better shot of the mirror.  Husband wants me to remind you all that the liquid nails we he used is special mirror/glass liquid nails.  Can’t just use the stuff in your garage people. (we would have if we could though)

Also, as you can see, the vanity is accessorized for boys (aka essentials) I really wanted to go bonker pants and accessorize the crap out of this bathroom but I had to be selfless and think of the boys. (and lets be honest, would my fantabulous accessories survive roommates? I doubt it. Its better this way)

This is the only way I could get a picture of the full mirror with the light. Please excuse my painting pants and boy debris on the vanity.

 Now for the deets:
Shelves: Wedding present from Target
“G”s (cuz we’re Gs….) Hobby Lobby
Washcloths: Ross
Cactus (cuz I hate watering plants): Ikea
Silver thingys (which I’m told are candle holders): Ikea

We added chrome switch plates from Ace Hardware.  FYI I have chrome towel bars from Walmart but I got a little antsy about taking pictures.

Towels are from Walmart.  Like 4 bucks.

Total cost for this makeover: $177

Free stuff: paint, shelves, shower curtain rod (same one from before)
Light: $85 from Home Depot
Shower Curtain: $16 from Walmart
Towels: $4 each from Walmart
Toothbrush holder and Soap Dispenser: $18 total from Walmart
Cactus: $2 from Ikea
Silver thingys: $8 total from Ikea
Gs: $10 total from Hobby Lobby
Light Switches: $4 total from Ace Hardware
Prefinished Trim around Mirror: $30 total from Home Depot

Thats right people, $177 for a bathroom makeover.  There was a lot of sweat equity from both me and my Handsome Hubby.  But obvs well worth it.  Cuz I think the boys like this bathroom style way better than the pretty pretty princess pink it was before.

Happy boys = Happy House.


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