Downsizing Christmas

Before we moved from Houston to Manhattan, I was forced to downsize my 6 Christmas decoration boxes down to 3.

It wasn’t easy.

But now that we are here I’m glad I parted with the stuff I found in the 80% off aisle at Hobby Lobby.

I was only able to display 1/4 of what we brought.

Looks like I’ll be rotating the decor from year to year.

The obvious challenge here is space.

If our layout were a little different I could have fit a nice 5 to 6 ft tree in here.

But doorways got in the way so I have a baby tree on our window sill.

There are approximately 15 ornaments on this tree.

We also don’t have a mantel in this apartment.

So I took the swag that used to go on the mantel and placed it on one of the mirrors.

And the bookcase now houses our stockings.

I have a couple more trinkety (its a word) decor items around the apartment but its been raining nonstop for the last few days and the pics were a little too dark to be blogged.

Sorry nuggets.

We finally got some sun to shine into our apartment so here is the rest of ourĀ Christmas DecorĀ 

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