General Mayhem

We are almost done unpacking.

It goes a lot faster in a smaller space.

However, it is much more challenging.

Its like playing tetris with boxes.

I should have finished product pics for you by tomorrow.

Especially since we have internet now.

**happy dance**

The day after we took possession of the apt we went to Ikea in Brooklyn.  We took the Ikea ferry over, which was kinda fun.

 Sorry this is so blurry.  We were zooming along on the ferry.

 Me with all 4 of our extremely full carts.

We had a hiccup at the check out.  Our charge card got shut down cuz we paid some bills in Houston and have been charging in NYC.  So we had to wait an hour for it to be reinstated.

So lame.

We missed the last ferry back and had to take various subways and shuttles back to Manhattan.  It was interesting to say the least.

 Once everything got delivered our living room was packed.

Wall to wall packed.

But we put some stuff together and we gained some room.

By that time the pups and the hubby were passed out on the couch.

 Trust me the place looks 10 times better today.  We worked our booty’s off.

These 2 pretty much fatted out and ate the whole time.

Lazy asses.

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