How to Hang a Photo without putting 47 holes in the Wall

Before we moved into the new house, I had to bribe Husband to hang up photos and pictures on the wall. I never wanted to do it because I knew it would be crooked as shit and as I tried to get it level I would put a thousand holes in the wall.

Well, Husband took a job where he had to travel all the time thus forcing me to learn how to do things I didn’t want to do. For example, taking out the trash, killing bugs, and hanging photos. Because of my forced learning, I developed a little trick to make sure I wouldn’t make Swiss cheese out of my wall.

Ok. Step 1. Buy wrapping paper. The reason I use wrapping paper is because I hate wrapping presents with it. I am a sucky wrapper. But, wrapping paper has a nice little grid on the back thus insuring starting off on a level foot.

Step 2. Trace whatever you are hanging onto the paper.

I just mark the corners because those little grids help me out with cutting. (Side note: that mirror was $15 from Target! Effing Steal!!)

Step 3. Once you have your paper cut, lay it on the back of the mirror or picture and trace the hooks with a sharpie.

Step 4. Tape the paper to the wall where you want to hang your mirror. I like painters tape because I usually have to rearrange my paper about 1,345,233 times before its level and painters tape won’t peel paint off the wall.

(Side Note: you are getting a little sneak peek at my bathroom makeover. Feel privileged)

Step 5. Use a level to level your paper. I put one edge of the level on one hook marking and one end on the other.

Step 6. Once your paper is level, drill right through the paper where you made your hook mark.

Step 7. Screw in the anchor and screw. Wall anchors became my friends when I had an unfortunate incident with a towel hook that launched itself off my wall. They are beautiful things.

Step 8. Repeat with the other hook mark. Then hang up your mirror!


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