The Deets:
Shirt: Perry Ellis
Vest: Vintage purchased via Brooklyn Flea
Tie: Ben Sherman purchased via TJ Maxx
Jeans: Fly Paper
I love impromptu dates.
Hubs and I had one last night.
We went to our local cafe.
And my local I mean 15 steps down the block.
We sat outside and chatted and laughed.
It was perfect timing too.
We have just about 60 days left in the city.
The air turned colder about a week ago and we knew.
The end is coming.
So we laugh about how cold the winter will be in MN.
We laugh about how we will be living with Hubs’ parents for a while.
Because if we don’t keep laughing, the only thing left to do is cry.


Rachel Golberg

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I'm a city girl adjusting to life in a small Minnesotan town. I'm so glad you stopped by.