More Christmas Swag

I got my much sought after evergreen bough this weekend.

It is everything I hoped it would be and more.

 I clustered some of my glass ornaments together on the bough.  I have these clippy poinsetta flowers that I clipped on the edges to hide the hooks.

 I hung a pincone ornament in the middle.  It just looked naked without anything there.  Also, I used suction cup hooks to hang the sparkle ornaments on the window.

 I put our nativity on top of the bookcases, added the gold candle holders from our wedding, and put the snowy candles on the white candle sticks.

Here is how our tree looks during the day.  I had to remove our window AC cuz it was letting in freezing cold air.  It was quite the task. Now the tree is centered, which looks a thousand times better.   See those presents? Those are for my sibs.  (get excited kiddos.  Those presents are awesome. Trust)

Today is a dream come true.  My awesome cousin got me tickets to see a taping of The Talk while they are in NYC.

I looked who would be the guest today and I squealed.

Its Donnie Wahlberg.

I was a child of the 80s and New Kids on the Block were my dream guys.

I had a giant button with Donnie’s face on it.

I only wish I could find that button.  I would wear it with pride to the taping.

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