This Post is Long Overdue…

I completed this project weeks ago, and because I am such an important, busy person (read: lazy and tired from celebrating my birthday multiple times) I am just now getting around to posting about it.

My linen closet has always annoyed me to no end.

Do you see what I’m dealing with here? To get to my linen closet I have to shut myself in our water closet in order to open the door to the linen closet. More often than not, Husband barges into the water closet (god forbid he knock, its not like I could be peeing or anything) and squinches me into the linen closet. Not any more.

Also, our linen closet is ALWAYS a mess. Its behind a door so who cares right? (little Fiona making an appearance)

I decided to take the door off the linen closet. mostly so it would be a lot easier to get towels when I jump in the shower with out grabbing a towel and then have to scamper into the water closet, dripping wet, to retrieve the forgotten towel. Also, I’m tired of getting squished into the linen closet by barging in Husband. This also means I have to start keeping my linen closet neat and tidy because there will no longer be a door hiding the mess. Photo = supplies for this project. 3 bins from Lowes, my Sharpie and my girlie screw driver. (yes I have my own)

Step 1: Use girlie flowery screwdriver to remove the door.

Step 2: Done!

Bin #1 is for our medicine, ointments, vitamins and cough drops. (Enter Sharpie)

Husband has accumulated many ace bandages and rolls of gauze over the years. (injury prone or clumsy? I’ll let you decide) I used 2 small Ball glass containers to house both. Now Husband can find them quickly when needed.

Bin #2 houses supplies aka cotton balls, q-tips, nail polish remover, spare plug in air freshener thingys.

Bin #3 is for cleaning supplies exclusive to the bathroom. My laziness takes over…. fast. If the cleaning supplies live IN the bathroom then I clean it more often 🙂 A roll of paper towels, shower cleaner, multi purpose cleaner, toilet wand and matching toilet scrubby things are in this bin.

Actually fold my towels, stack the TP nicely and walla! Clean organized linen closet!

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