What to do when blog block strikes

Blog about your shit from Pinterest.


This is gonna be half super cool pins and half Pinterest love fest.

Pinterest has changed my world and I tell it so every freaking day.

Without Pinterest how would I have designed this whole apartment before we even lived here?

I would have completely bogged down my comp with saved pics and, truthfully, would have forgotten where I saved them. And I’d never find them cuz I wouldn’t have named them anything that makes sense.


I have boards for projects for my moms house, my dream house, and my non existent children’s rooms.

Pinterest, without you I would have hours of free time and I’d hate every second of it.

Husband thinks you are turning my brain to mush.

What he doesn’t know is I have a board solely dedicated to remaking his wardrobe.

He looks good because of Pinterest.

Take that.

My dream house has a yellow fridge.

Whoever came up with this effig genius idea needs a nobel prize for interior design. Why didn’t I think of this and sell it to people for obscene amounts of money?

Now that I have my super cool Hunter Boots, I’ve been pinning pics like this like its my job. I will wear these suckers till they die.

I pinned this outfit and loved it so much I knew I had to make it mine. So I learned to knit and now I’m making a scarf like this one. Only mine is teal. Its rude to blatantly steal someone else’s outfit. So I had to switch it up.

Also, I need to learn to smile like Kendi. When I try to do this smile it looks like I just ate a lemon or that someone just farted in my vicinity. It is not attractive.

Now, from my favorite board, some parting words of wisdom. (also, you can follow this shit show on pinterest, HERE.)

Source: imgfave.com via Rachel on Pinterest
Source: google.com via Rachel on Pinterest
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