3 weeks

You guys, this week has been bonkers.

We both came to the realization that we are, in fact, moving.

In 3 weeks.

No packing has taken place.


So, we spent an hour being sad and then put on our big girl panties (big boy boxers for H) and got to it.

We can no longer delay the inevitable.

And consciously choosing not to pack will just make the last few weeks we have in the city stressful.

So we packed a few boxes last night.

This will be our 5th time moving since getting married 6 years ago.

We have always been excited and ready for a new adventure.

Except this time.

And honestly, it’s not because we don’t WANT to go.

I just think we aren’t ready.

We aren’t done with this city.

The only other time in my existence that I felt this lethargic about moving was 10ish years ago.

When I was moving back to Nebraska after my sophomore year of college.

I ran out of money and had to abandon my college in Minnesota. (so ironic)

I was leaving really great friends and a boyfriend (who is now Husband) I had been dating for approximately 30 seconds.

I delayed packing until the day of the dorm check out.

I was refusing to accept the inevitable.

Well this time we are aware of our lack of enthusiasm and we are cutting it off at the pass.

We are looking on the bright side.

Our Houston house is on the market. (yay)

I’ve got 3 or so houses in Minnesota in my sights.

I have some big plans for the blog.

As a pessimist I’m starting to see the benefits of optimism.

In small doses of course.

We have some things on our bucket list to cross off in the next 3 weeks.

And I am reminding myself, everyday, that we were are BLESSED to have had this experience.

There are thousands, actually, probably millions of people who would love to have been where we have been.

We were LUCKY to have lived in this city.

Even if it was just for a year.

But that’s more than most people get.

And I fell in love with the most amazing city in the world.

And who doesn’t love being in love?


Rachel Golberg

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