6 Years

Yesterday was our 6 year anniversary.



Where did the freaking time go?!


I still feel (and think I look) like this 22 year old girl:


But do you know how I know it really was a long time ago?
These 2 pics right here.

At some point my siblings grew up…

It’s amazing to me how much of our wedding day I remember.

I remember almost every single minute.

And I’m grateful for that.

For whatever reason, this year’s anniversary hit us like a ton of bricks.

It kind of snuck up on us.

Unlike last year, where we planned a vow renewal.



Via Tiffany Ann Art 

We did end up having a fun filled weekend.

I woke up on Saturday (the day we celebrated) to the most awesome gift Hubs had ever given me.



For those that don’t want to squint it reads:

Dear Peanut,

The past 6 years have been great! I love your smile, kisses and the symphony of your heart. And while sometimes I do drop the romantic ball like a butterfinger , I’d spend 100 grand to make you feel special.  Plus, it takes a special girl to love a guy like me who plays angry birds all the time and chuckles whenever he sees your nips.

Love Tyler.

I mean COME ON!  How clever/funny is that?

Also, did you know that the modern gift for 6 years is candy!?

The man did some serious research.

After I got this awesome gift we went to brunch and came home to watch a movie with some mimosas.

I always have hubs open the champagne.  It scares me.

I was in the kitchen when I heard the explosion.


Apparently, the champagne was a little under pressure….
We were lazy until dinner.
We went to a really nice Italian place.
After dinner we went on a night time cruise around the island on this old boat.
As you can tell by Hubs crazy hair, it was WINDY.  It was a really cool boat ride.  The views were amazing and the drinks were good too.
This may be the best anniversary we’ve had so far.
And I mostly say that because of this guy and his super thoughtful and funny gift.



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