Apartment Therapy

So you may have noticed that I dropped off the planet for about a week.
I was in a real crab ass mood.  
I figured I’d spare you the overly dramatic word vomit and just complain to my dogs instead. 
Allow me to sum it up: 
House still on the lease market + Husband has been gone for 6 weeks + Husband won’t be home till end of the month + I can’t decorate for fall because my decor is all packed = Major drama filled attitude.  
So since I’m trapped in my vacant home with my very bored dogs, I started looking for inspiration for our non-existent NYC apartment. 
I may have a complex.
Thanks to Pinterest.
I’ve pinned about a zillion inspiration pics from Apartment Therapy.   
Here are a couple of my faves. 

I’m going much more eclectic and modern in this apartment.
Very outside my comfort zone.  But this style is much more suited to the city. 
And Husband. 
And it feels cozy.  And I need cozy.  I’ll be experiencing winter again for the first time in 5 years.  
I have all the furniture/rugs picked out.  My plan was to post a mood board at some point but I don’t have office on my mac and I can’t download photo editing software for various operating system issues.  (my technology woes continue).  Once Husband comes home and rescues me from my technology hell, I’ll put together my plan and, of course, share it with you peeps. 
Until then, please excuse sporadic posting.  
I’ll try and dream up things to write about.  
Unless you want to hear about how many times I’ve watched You’ve Got Mail?
I average 4 times per week.  
And I’ve been cutting back.  Believe it or not.  
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