Awkward and Awesome: Booby Tassel Edition

(yes, you read that correctly)


Husband has an unconventional grandma.

I met her for the first time at my bridal shower.

She gave me a very interesting gift.


Those are booby tassels.
From my Husband’s grandma.
Quite possibly the most hilarious introduction to a family member I’ve ever had.
I was recently reminded of this story.
Last night Husband and I went to a burlesque show/dinner.
We got this deal online and thought we’d give it a go.
(sorry these are cell phone pics, and I STILL don’t have an iPhone)
It was really entertaining.
The girls danced to a live Motown jazz band.
However, I didn’t realize how naked the girls would get.
Or that they actually use tassels like the ones above.
And can actually spin them.
Rest assured that the movie Burlesque with Cher is nothing like this.



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