Bookcases and whatnot…

Ok so Resolutions are going… ok.

Positive Attitude: B+
Blogging at least 3 times per week: D (obvs)
Going to the Gym more often than not: No comment (I may or may not have guzzled a pint of waffle cone ice cream for dinner last night. In my defense, Husband is coming home on Friday and I want to wait til he’s back to go grocery shopping. You buying this? no? ok.)

I am slowly starting on house projects.  The first to be tackled was to reorganize our bookcases in the office.

Ikea put the doors that match our bookcases on sale.

Like MEGA on sale.

On sale enough for Husband to drive me all the way down to Ikea, buy me their $.99 breakfast and haul 4 glass doors home and install them instantly. 

That cheap.

Once the doors were up I knew I had to rearrange.

I mean look at this hawt mess:

And BTW it looks especially bad because its been really shitty outside and no matter if I take pics during the day or at night, they turn out like this. Even after editing. 

The plan for making this look decent was: take all the books down, remove their ugly ass covers, take out the items in the display cases and pare it down a bit and dust everthing in sight. 

This is the before of the display cases. I swear they didn’t look this messy before the doors. 

 This is about the time that former Roommate #2 stopped by to pick up mail.  He thought for sure I’d gone crazy in the weeks since he and Roommate #1 moved out and that I was about to start a book bonfire.  I assure you this was not the case.  I wanted to lay all the books out so I could see their colors and sizes so that I could place the books on the shelf in some sort of order.  (Are you buying this? no? ok)

 Done!  and brighter pictures (thank you jeebus)

 Look!  Doesnt’ this display case make me and Husband look super klassy and well traveled?  Husband actually is klassy and well traveled (I am not. yet)  On the top shelf L-R Marble Goblets from Afghanistan from my dad, Ebony Elephant from Gabon, Soapstone bust from Gabon ( both c/o Husband)  Second Shelf L-R: Painted Glass Plate from Glasgow (I picked that one out!) Blue vase from Goodwill (I’m such a snobby decorator, no?) Camera from London (I picked that one out too!) Next shelf down L-R: 2 Cameras from London, Little globe thingy from Husbands job, Little octagonal box which was a wedding gift. 

I didn’t take an “after” picture of the other display case cuz I’m a tard.

 I Love books. Especially hardbound oldy moldy books.  You know that part in the Sex and the City Movie where Carrie is telling Big that she checks out library books cuz she likes the smell?  That is why I buy old books.  They smell fantastic.  Old, dusty, leathery.  I never read them. I haven’t yet.  I might some day. For right now I use them to decorate mostly, which is why there aren’t many oldy moldies on this shelf.

Here are my decor books.  Mostly Pottery Barn. Are you surprised? I put they waaayyy up on top. So I can look at them and admire them and so they look importante. 

I promise I have more projects in store.  And I totally promise that I’ll be better about keeping my blogging resolution.

Are you buying this? no? ok.

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