Cabin on the Lake: Inspiration

I’m on the other side of my week long sickness.

Thank the Lord.

Being in bed for a full week gave me time to think (and dread) our impending move to Minnesota.

In an effort to stay positive (it’s a new thing I’m trying) I decided to focus on the house we will eventually buy.

We have to sell our Houston house first, but I’m confident that by July of 2013, we’ll be in our Cabin on the lake.

7 days in bed also gave me time to pin lots of inspiration for our yet un-purchased house.

237 pins.

I may be a tish bit excited. (about the decorating, not the moving)

The Guest Cottage

One of the houses we are eyeballing has an 8×20 guest cottage near the lake shore.  Awesome right!?  I really hope this house is still available when we are able to buy.  Good thing the real estate market in our new town moves really slow.




Source: via Rachel on Pinterest


The Loft
The same house that has the cottage also has a library loft.  It needs some real work but I’d LOVE to make it a sanctuary for all our books a la Beauty and the Beast. (you girls know what I’m talking about)




Porches allows a lake cabin to gain much needed square footage in the summer months.  I am ALL about porches.  Especially screened in ones.  I am a bug magnet.  And I’m moving to the mother of all places for mosquitos.  Oh the irony.  I look forward to spending the night on a sleeping porch; nice and screened in from all the bugs but still outside enough to enjoy the breeze. 

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest






Source: via Rachel on Pinterest


Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Woah.  Can you tell I haven’t done a decorating post in a while?

Went a little overboard.

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