Cleaning Out My Closet

We have the largest closet I have ever seen in a Manhattan apartment of this size.

We may have a hoarding problem.

Husband has like 64 ties. (take a wild guess how often he wears them)

I mean, is this really necessary?

Are you ready to see evidence of Husbands our clothing hoarding problem?

Not horrible.

But everytime I try to get a Tshirt out the whole tower of Tshirts falls over.

And don’t get me started on my ‘unmentionables bin’.

So I got sick and tired of this mess and hauled ass to the Container Store.

You gonna organize instead of playing with us?! But we iz so cute.

I schlepped those 2 humongo bags through the subway.  
I have transit skillz.
Here is what those bags were stuffed with:
4 pairs of shelf dividers

One 14″ square bin, two 14×8″ bins, two 14×7″ bins
and one scarf organizer. 
Prepare yourself for some organized awesomeness. 


Lets break it down just a bit.

Our shelves are very tall (24″). The tallest shelf dividers I could find were 16″ tall.  So I attached one to the bottom and one to the top so it created a whole top to bottom divider.  No more shirts and sweatshirts falling over! 
Now that I’m able to stack my sweatshirts higher without fear of an avalanche, I created room for the iron and steamer as well as my boots. (they were living in our bedroom until now)

More shelf dividers separating my T shirts and long sleeve shirts.

No more ‘unmentionables bin’! Now I have 3 drawers to store those in.  The bins also work as dividers for my jeans and sweats and now I can stack my work out tanks on top.  
(I blocked out my underwear. You’re welcome)
Husband has a bazillion sweaters/sweatshirts.  All 4 of his shelf dividers were used to create 2 top to bottom dividers.

I got 2 stackable bins for Hubby.  I just filled them with socks and beaters for the time being.  I’m sure he’ll redo all of that.  The drawers on the left have always been there. He keeps his passport, all his foreign money, watches, pocket knives, you name it in these drawers.

I had to refold everything on Husbands side.  He folds like a guy: sloppy.  So when he gets home he’ll be getting a crash course in folding. 
This is the scarf organizer I got.  I’m using it as half scarf organizer half tights organizer. 
When we moved in, the only light source in this closet was little tap lights.  
Not effective.
So Hubby installed an Ikea light. 
Better right?
The only problem is I can’t reach the switch.  So everytime I wanted to shut the light off I’d holler at Husband to come in and turn it off. 
After a few weeks of that nonsense, Husband came up with a great idea. 

He gave me a wooden spoon so I can turn the light off all by myself.  
I keep it on his side of the closet though.  
My side’s too full. 
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