Exactly How Did We Fit All Our Shit In This Apt?

It wasn’t easy, let me tell you.

We sold 99.9% of our stuff before we left Texas.  That was a start.

I had been researching ways to appropriately downsize (read: Pinterest addiction) for months before we actually moved.

This is what I learned: Hide your shit.

That is exactly how we fit all our stuff into this apartment.

Its cleverly (I think) disguised.

I’m only gonna tell you about the living room today.  The storage is too much for one post.  Trust.

Instead of buying a sleek TV stand or mounting the flat screen to the wall, we used our buffet from our former dining room.

It has 3 drawers and 2 doors and they are all very full.

1st: batteries, misc remotes, other tiny items that can fit in the silverware dividers.
2nd: My Halloween decor.  Its the only place where it would fit. Halloween stuff was one of the last things unpacked.
3rd: Puppy stuff; leashes, treats, meds etc.

Left: Top shelf: Candles and candle holders Bottom shelf: Wii and misc Wii accessories
Right: Top shelf: More decor stuff 🙂  Bottom shelf: DVDs

There are also 3 bins under the buffet stuffed with Dog toys, Dog sweaters, and Human hats, gloves, and scarves.

Behind the couch we have our bookshelves.

And from what you can tell they are beautifully (I think) staged.


The bottom 2 shelves are full of bins (which are full of shit) and more decor items.  Some that are still in their bubble wrap.

My plan is to see what I use in the coming year.  If it doesn’t come out of its bubble wrap, it gets sold on Etsy or donated to Goodwill.

Between our couch and the bookcases are the chairs for our table.

The table that has 6 drawers (3 on the front, 3 on the back) chock full of, you guessed it, decor items.

I swear to jeebus that I got rid of 99% of my decor stuff.  But there are some things a girl can’t part with.

The table folds up nicely and serves as a side table as does our filing cabinet.

Double duty is the key to hiding your shit.

The last thing that helps my living room stay organized despite being packed with shit, is the basket that holds the guest bedding (for the pull out couch of course).

Life saver.  And it looks cute too.

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