Finally Halloween Deets

Here are our party pics.

well some of them. this is pretty much just the set up.

Table set up
 Close up of the Halloween Tree
So I made this tree out of left over branches that I had for Christmas (from the garage, where else), cheap black glitter ornaments from Hobby Lobby, and Skull “treat buckets” from the dollar store that I glittered to pieces.
 Punch bowl with a label from Target

I stuck these labels I got from Target (which I think were supposed to go on alcohol bottles or something) on the glass jars filled with candy.

 Gummy worms… yummy

Margarita punch bowl which was very popular.  And the mix came with orange salt and black sugar for the glasses 🙂 adorbs I know.

I bought these spidies from Target to go under the netting that I got from Hobby Lobby.

 hahaha… love these
The entryway table
So thats what the house looked like before the party.  The actual party pics are on facebook here
I promise not to be so tardy on the Christmas decor pics and I also promise not to lose/break my card reader ever again.  Unless its being bad.
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