Glitter This.


I’m glittering something for Thanksgiving.

I know you’re shocked. 

Corn cobs!

No “Cornhusker” jokes. mmmmkay?!

I stole this idea from Martha Stewart (who else) here’s the link

 Supplies: Martha Stewart Glitter (Florentine Gold) 2 bags of wildly overpriced ornamental corn. (don’t worry, Husband, I made up for it by using a 40% off Michaels coupon to buy the glitter. wut up now. ) Paint brush and Elmers Glue.

 Step one: Brush glue on the corn.  I only glued the yellow kernels on this one. 

 Step two: Pour the glitter on the glue.

 Walla! Done. I can’t give you an easier craft for Thanksgiving people.

I glittered a total of 6 corn cobs.  3 with sparing glitter and 3 all over glittered.  This is a very unimpressive picture of my glittered corn. No worries.  It will grace my Thanksgiving table and I’ll post it here.  Cuz lord knows that oil field boys will never notice glittered corn.  someone should appreciate it. 

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