Halloween is Here, Witches!

Well almost.

Its close enough for me to freak the freak out of my house. 

Halloween is like the prelude to Christmas for me.  Thanksgiving is just a big supper between Halloween and Christmas. 

So I started decorating yesterday.  Here is the first project I did

Cans of spray paint from the garage
Bag of bugs from Walgreens
Grapevine wreath I found in the garage
P.S. if you don’t already know this, our garage is a treasure trove of randomness. I find all kinds of fun stuff in there. 

 I sprayed the bugs with silver, matte black, and shiny black spray paint.  While they were still kinda tacky I glittered the crap out of them.

 I sprayed the wreath with matte black spray paint.  I didn’t cover it completely cuz I wanted it to look like it fell in a fire and charred. NOT like I shellacked it to pieces. 

 Then I hot glued the black bugs to the wreath.  FYI you need to use a helluva lot of hot glue.  Like more hot glue than you’ve ever used before in your entire life. 

 Holy crappy picture batman.  Sorry bout that. but I wanted you to see the super cute centipede

 I left the hot glue remnants behind cuz it kinda looks like spider webs.  Also, I’m a lazy decorator and I didn’t feel like trying to pick it all off. 

 Here is a little sneak peek at what I did with the silver bugs. 

And NO I’m not gonna show you the finished product yet.  Its called suspense people.  So you’ll just have to come back and see the rest of my Halloween decorations later.  Bwahahahahahaha!

FYI I’m gonna be using the ‘Halloween witch laugh’ like every single post until the 31st.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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