I actually finished a project

Please don’t act so shocked.

I’m not known for my patience.

I’ve been known to throw a tantrum when I get frustrated.

Ask Husband.

He’s pretty proud that I finished this scarf without throwing my knitting needles.

The Deets:
Sweatshirt: Target; I immediately purchased this sweatshirt when I saw Lilly at Lilly’s Style wear it here. I wish I would have ordered it a size smaller but for $12 and free shipping I can’t really complain.
Jeans: 7 for all Mankind
Hunter Boots: REI; I swear to jeebus I’m not trying to wear these everyday.  Its been raining or snowing all week.  I bought these boots and the most perfect time.
Scarf: Self made! Hell to the yes. 
I fell in love with this yarn at the yarn shop.  So I got 2 skeins (which I just learned is the name for a ball of yarn, I have been calling it a bolt… like a bolt of fabric, cuz that makes total sense) 
I thought Husband was gonna die when He saw how much each skein was.  $15 if you are wondering.  And I bought 2.
And for those of you that knit, this is the easiest thing I’ve ever done.  
I used US 15 circular needles, Rowan Drift yarn (not sure what color, I threw the wrapper away) and seed stitch.  
I cast on 130 stitches
then put my marker on and joined the round
Row 1: *k1, p1 (* repeat until the marker)
Row 2: *p1, k1 (* repeat until the marker)
I just repeated these 2 rows until I ran out of yarn.  
The measurements worked out to be 5″ wide and 56″ around (its an infinity scarf obvs)  
Easiest thing ever. 
So easy in fact that the only reason it took me 3 nights to complete is I was watching TV the entire time I constructed this.  
Anything I can do while drinking wine and watching TV is my kind of project.   
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