I Cannot Kill A Book

When I was at the Etsy event earlier this month, I fell in LOVE with all the decor made with book pages.

I knew I could DIY some of the things I saw.

However, I have a problem with tearing pages out of a book.

But I’m totally cool with stuff made from dismembered books.

Kind of like how I totally love steak but I wouldn’t dare shoot the cow.

Thats why I love Etsy (and my local butcher) I can enjoy what I like without actually killing the thing from which its made.

Here are a couple of totally cool things I’m considering purchasing from Etsy.

 I already collect Gs, Ts and Rs. This particular G is awesome. From here

 I absolutely NEED this pendant light.  She also has side and table lamps.  But this shade has my name written all over it.  From here.

 I’ve been seeing these book wreaths all over the blogoshpere for a while.  I know think I could construct one of these.  But after the funeral wreath fiasco, I can’t be so sure.  I’d make Husband tear out the pages though.  From here. 

This might be the easiest thing ever.  Once again, I’d need to find a pre-destroyed book.  From here.

Am I the only one who wouldn’t dream of destroying a book?  Am I the only nerd out there?

(I could probably rip up a physics book, but Husband would probably have a problem with that.  It’s a serious dilemma I have on my hands).

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