I'm Back Baby!


I phoned it in the last couple of weeks.

In my defense:
both roomies moved out (sad panda)
Husband and I went on a cruise (woop)
We had Christmas alone.
Then Christmas with my mom and siblings here
Now Husband is getting ready to go back to Africa (boo) so I have a moment to write a little blog post.

And its a good one.

I think I may have solved the ugly funeral wreath problem.

Remember the funeral wreath?

I was wracking my ever loving brain about how to de-uglify this thing. It was just too time consuming to make to justify throwing it out (although I considered it)

Then I was flipping through my Christmas edition of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine for the billionth time and I found this:

 So I thought I’d try to create a sorta kinda version of this.

 So this is what I came up with.  I used bigger ribbon cuz this wreath is gigantic.  I think it turned out pretty good. 

 It looks a helluva lot better than it did before.

I printed off some clip art I googled and put it in a 3X5 frame I already had. 

So peeps, whacha think? better no?

I’ve missed you guys! Don’t abandon me cuz I’m a lazy blogger! 


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