Insta Friday

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these.

Now that we are cramming a lifetime of NYC experiences into 2 weeks, I’ve started taking quite a few pics with my phone.

Lugging around my 1000lb Cannon is getting old.

It snowed, as I mentioned, Shiner freaking hated it (same as last year).  She started shivering and convulsing.  The jury is still out on whether she was faking or if she was actually cold.  So H picked her up and put her in his coat.
Sneaky girl.
Packing has started.
See that glass of wine in the background?
Many of those were consumed.
Packing is the bane of my existence.
We’ve been eating our way through the city.
My waistline will tell you a tale.
Our friend Joe told us about a place in the Lower East Side called Clinton Street Bakery.
It is so freaking cute.
It’s teeny.
And it is freaking amazing.
I had the french toast with glazed bananas and walnuts served with maple butter.
You guys.
Effing best thing ever.
Until I tried Husband’s
Eggs Benedict served with homemade biscuits.
Heaven in my mouth.
We ate so much food.
Also, I found out that you can buy their biscuits by the dozen.
My plan to eat healthier in MN may be going down the drain already.
Shiner is a weird dog.
She loves to squinch into small places.
Like between Sheldon and the couch.
This is the most important picture of the whole post.
Husband has a website that recently merged with another.
Homespot HQ is the site Hubs merged with.
In September there were featured in Real Simple Magazine.
That Real Simple!
I’m so proud of him!
Also, you guys should check it out!  You can click above or on Homespot’s button on my sidebar.
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