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Hooray it’s Friday!
You know what that means: Phone pics!
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This little girl has some major ‘tude.  She HATES getting her picture taken.  My Husband thinks this is hilarious.
Holy crap, we found another brown boston terrier at the dog park.  This one is like the 3rd brown boston (besides shiner) that I’ve ever seen.  Also, how cute is that blonde frenchie?
That car and that cab literally bumped into each other while turning.  Honking and screaming ensued.  Hilarity.
Hubs got on a record kick.  He decided he wanted a record player.  I obliged because I have awesome memories of my mom letting me put the record ever so gently on her record player when I was a kid.  (she still uses that thing to this day.  I don’t think she’s ever moved away from records now that I think about it) Anyway, we found an awesome player that fit my aesthetic standards.  Logical next step: buy records.  We bought a TON.  Hubs: 99% classic rock 1% classical.  Me: 100% Jazz/R&B
I’m still kinda geting over being sick.  I like to wear my painting pants when I’m lazy.  Shiner likes to snoodle into my bum during naps.  We have an odd household.
The day after my friend Allison left. Hubs and I had tickets to see Mamma Mia.  We nearly forgot about them.  It was a great show.  I’m glad we saw it when we did.  The next day the sickness set in.
After not knitting for a good 6 months, I am back in full force.  I just knit these cutie patootie baby booties for our friend’s new baby.  I love a pattern that uses straight needles.  I have no earthly idea how to use double pointed needles.  I’m gonna be honest, I don’t really have any desire to learn. meh.
Shiner is obsessed with Husband.  Its kinda disgusting really.


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