Insta Friday

Sorry I’ve been MIA.

My babiest brother (who is now taller than me) and Dad came to visit.

Lil Bro had a blast exploring this city.

That’s pretty much the theme of this Insta Friday post.


We went to a Yankees game.
It was weird.
Highlights include: 4 teenage girls got in a screaming match and ran out bawling their eyes out and 2 guys got into a fight over whether or not to do ‘the wave’.
The bleachers in Yankee Stadium are weird, yo.
Lil bro in Yankee Stadium.
Just for size comparison, here I am with him.
He’s 14 and starting high school in 2 weeks.
The fact remains that I am a short stack and he is growing up too fast.
Before all the hullabaloo started.
The Met has a sculpture exhibit on the roof.  This is the view of midtown from that roof.  Pretty sweet.
This is lil bro’s first Indian food experience.  He freaking LOVED it!
Then we successfully snuck him into McSorleys aka oldest bar in NYC.
We have skillz.
On his last day in town, I took lil bro on a walking tour of the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.  He also got 3 T shirts in China town for $15.
This is the phenom view from the Manhattan bridge.  If you are ever here, you really need to walk both bridges.  The Manhattan bridge is so underrated.
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