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Happy Insta Friday everyone.


Hubs told Shiner it was too cold for her naked ass and took Sheldon outside to chase the bunnies in my mom’s backyard.  Homegirl diva dog DID NOT like that.  She stayed like this crying for them the whole time they were out there.  If she only knew she hated the snow and cold.


Photobucket This is my cousin Jen.  We are 3 months apart in age.  She lives in FL we live in TX NY MN.  We haven’t seen each other in 6 years.  Which is approximately how long it took us to take this pic.  We’re a family of blinkers. and when I say we I mean Jen.


Photobucket The high school where my brothers went (and are currently attending) has an alumni game each year where the alumni play the current students.  The 2 on the left would be the alumni, classes of 2007 and 1977 respectively.  The nugget on the right would be a current student.


class of 2016.


It’s just wrong.


Stop time right now damn it.

I don’t care what anyone says.

He can be 30 years old.

But in my head he looks like this:




My bitching about the cold and snow has not, in fact, fallen on deaf ears.  See that furball of a hat.  Yeah.  It’s awesome.  Even more so with cat eye sunglasses.



Leave it to Shiner the diva dog to take up 60% of the back seat AND steal Sheldon’s bed to make herself comfortable for the dreaded drive back north. Spoiled much?

life rearranged



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