InstaFriday: Ice Fishing Tournament Edition

There is an ice fishing tournament in this town every year.

It’s a big effing deal.

Lots of prizes.

We decided to take baby Sheldon to go see our friends participating.

He LOVES going ice fishing.

Mostly because there are a lot of other doggy friends there.

Not this time.

Just 4000 fishermen.

(this town’s population is around 11,000, just to give you an idea)

This is my in laws lake shore.  The ice starts to build up like waves for some reason around this time of year.

See the tournament in the distance?  It starts not far from the shore.  They section off a perfect square, so this is only one side and half of another that you can see here.

This is a closer shot on one of the corners.

People everywhere. It was cold.

No fish houses allowed.

Apparently, people cheat.

Prizes are a big deal, yo.

And because there are no fish houses, and this tournament lasts for hours, you need to bring your own seat.  Which to 90% of these guys is a bucket.

The entire day, all I could think of was Grumpy Old Men.

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