It Doesn't Have to be Perfect..

I’m linking up with Nesting Place today.

Her motto for the year (forever?) is “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”

Love that.

I’m trying to embrace this philosophy more on my blog.

There has been more than once where I get all dressed, go outside, take photos and come in and look at them and decide “nope.  horrible.  not posting them.”

Why not?

I’m sure you’d appreciate my honesty if I posted an outfit and said “you guys this is fug but I spent time putting it together and I feel like I should show you”

Cuz thats what happens in real life.  Not every outfit looks awesome.

My ‘not perfect beautiful’ thing that is going to grace this blog for this link up is my old green chair.

Some of you know this chair if you’ve been to my apt/house.

Most people think it belongs on the curb.

This was my Granny’s chair.

And she gave it to me when I got my first apartment in college.

In our Houston house, Stewie the cat claimed it as his spot.

Since we’ve been in Manhattan, Sheldon baby has claimed it as his.

Believe it or not, that big ol’ Basset squishes himself into that chair.

Which is why the caning is all blown out on the one side.

I keep telling myself I’m going to take the exacto knife to it and cut it all out.

But then I think it might ruin it.

And then I wonder if i cut the caning out would Sheldon fall out the sides?

That is HIS snuggle place and I would hate to take it away from him.

I’ve always wanted to paint this chair.

In my mind I know it would look awesome.

But then it would be a shadow of what my dear Granny gave me.

So here it sits.

Pea green with broken caning and Basset fur.

And its just the way I like it.

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