Last Days in the City

It’s the final countdown.

Friday is the day we don’t speak of.

You guys, the amount of packing we have done is sad.

Approximately, none if you were wondering.

Even though we are currently buried in bubble wrap, we are still taking time to do a few last minute things in the city.

Last week we walked around Columbia University.

The Deets:
Sweater: H&M
Leggings: Danskin
Turtle Neck: Banana Republic, stolen from my Sister
Boots: American Living, JC Penny
Bag: Target
I saw this sweater at H&M and begged and pleaded with Husband to get it for me as a (ridiculously) early birthday present.
My birthday is in January.
I was already over my shopping budget for the month (shocker) and this sweater was $65.
I would normally NEVER pay this much for anything at H&M but it has angora in it and it’s so preeetttyyyy.
Hubs caved.
And now I wear it every live long day because its so comfy.
Take a good look at this outfit.
Cozy sweater, leggings and really broken in riding shoes.
This, my friends, is pajamas in disguise.


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