Laundry is the Devil

If I could pick the absolute worst chore on God’s green earth it would be laundry.

That’s why when Husband is home I make his life hell unless he does all of the laundry.

Do you have any idea how many “hand wash” shirts I’ve sacrificed just so I don’t have to do the laundry?

Too many.

Laundry could be more bearable when I’m by myself if I redid the laundry room.

At least that’s what I’m telling Husband.

So I’ve decided once the last of the 340,349 weddings we have to go to this year is over, I’m sprucing up our laundry room.

This is our laundry room when we looked at the house. Its pretty much the same except we don’t have fancy front loaders or anything on the walls.

This is my dreamscicle laundry room. Its also WILDLY unrealistic. Just ask Husband.

Now this is more do-able. Love the color. Love the quote (it conveys just enough crazy to suit me) Love the front loaders. But alas, no front loaders for me.

I’m confident after a glass bottle of wine I could pull this off. I’ll keep you posted on if it actually happens. Once the wine starts flowing I ususally end up lounging on the couch watching The Jersey Shore.

Don’t judge me.

PS I have no idea where these pics came from so… sorry. 

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