Life Happens

The last 4 weeks have changed everything.

Husband got a new job.

One that doesn’t involve any travel.

Hooray, right?

Well, sort of.

This job is an amazing opportunity that we would never in a million years say no to.

Its that good.

However, there was a hesitation.

We have to leave New York.

And move to Minnesota.

You guys, I’m gonna be honest, I was NOT happy.

When this opportunity arose I was 100% not on board.

We JUST got here.

So while we hashed out the details and figured out what we wanted, I sat here in this apartment and started to mourn the loss of this city.

I couldn’t walk my dogs without crying. It was really rather pathetic.

Did I mention all of this went down with Husband over seas?

It was not an ideal situation in which to make a major life decision.

Once Husband got home and we sat down and talked about it, we realized that saying no to this opportunity would be a huge mistake.

To stay in New York, Husband would still have to travel 1/2 to 3/4 of the year.

So for me it came down to a singular choice: Husband or New York.

Honesty alert: It wasn’t as easy a decision as it should have been.

I struggled with it for a few days and it should have been an obvious, immediate response of Husband.

Thankfully, Hubs was patient and knew I needed to get all my tantrums out.

So, this is the low down: Hubs will be doing one more hitch abroad then he’ll be home for good.  We will stay in NYC till our lease ends in November.  Then we move to MN right in the middle of the winter (awesome).

I’m constantly focusing on the positive (if you know me you know that this is out of character)

Husband will be home for the first time ever.

If you remember, we haven’t ever really lived together in the same place for a full year.

Hopefully, by this time next year, we will have sold the Houston house and we can purchase a lake house.

I’m looking forward to knocking down walls and renovating like a mad woman.  Husband is excited for a boat and lake parties.

We will be closer to both our families.  Closer to Husbands than mine, but closer than we are now and thats what really matters.

So thats what’s new.

And I’m still sad about leaving this city.

But I’m capable of walking my dogs without collapsing into a ball of tears.




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