My 4th of July

My 4th started out kinda crappy.

First, Hubs called and was like “j/k I won’t make it home today.” Bugger.

It was a small chance but I, of course, got my hopes up.

Second, our hot water went out in my building.

Cut to me washing my hair under the sink (with freezing cold water) and shaving my legs in the tub with a pot of water I boiled on the stove.

I’m old school.

I wish I would have gotten a pic of my outfit guys.

It was SO cute.

I’ll try and recreate it for you: It was this polka dot H&M Dress, with a sock bun and my new white wedges.

Third, I made these bomb diggity red velvet cupcakes for a BBQ that I was attending.

Cute right?

But, I had to transfer them to Bushwick. aka 2 subway trains and about 45 mins away.

So I channeled my engineering Husband and came up with this contraption:

I poked toothpicks in each cupcake and put foil all around and taped it down.
Until, one stop before I was to get off the train, a drunk hipster squashed part of it.
When I got to my friend’s apartment in Bushwick, a couple cupcakes were destroyed.
So close!
Damn you hipsters!
Anyway, I reconnected with this friend of mine at my 10 year high school reunion.  She has a roof top that overlooks the city.
The people that I met were so super nice and the food was ah-mah-zing.
I was too busy eating and talking to take many pictures. I did manage to snap some of the skyline and the fireworks.


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