My Dream Come True…

Wood floors.


I find myself staring at them, lovingly, for hours. 

My new favorite activity is to swiffer them and mop them. 

You guys.  E-freakin-lation.

Everyone warned me about getting dark wood floors.

“You’ll see EVERYTHING!”

See, what most people don’t understand is that I want to see everything.  Cuz when I swiffer and mop I can SEE that the floors are clean.

I can turn the swiffer over and look at the pad and think to myself  “hell yes! look at all that dirt!”

The problem I always had with carpet is I can never tell if its clean.  You can vacuum for hours (and believe me, I have) and still pull shit out of the carpet. 

When we had carpet vacuuming for me was like a person with OCD washing their hands for 47 hours.

Never. Feels. Clean.  (cut to me rocking back in forth in the corner)

Ok. the pics.  What you really came to see.  I know most of you don’t care about my odd feelings about carpet.  No worries, I don’t expect you to relate.  Most people can’t. 

Living Room Before

Living Room After

Kitchen Before

 Kitchen After

 Awesome right?  Well to bring you back down to earth here is what we had to go through to get to the awesomeness you see above.

 Yep. Thats our refrigerator in the living room.  Jealous?

 The dogs were hilarious with all this mess.  They would just look at us like “you’ve got to be kidding me. we have to jump over this shit”

 What? you don’t keep your ottoman on top of the buffet?  get with it peeps!

So because of this debauchery, we spent the better part of 4 days in our bedroom.

with 2 stinky dogs

and 3 cats

and the tv

Little Josie cat and I parked our buns on some patio cushions and watched an obscene amount of reality tv.  See? aren’t we just adorbs?

Right after this pic was taken, Husband walked through the door with a large pizza and a case of bud light.  The man knows me better than anyone on this planet. 

P.S. No pics of the office or dining room cuz I have shit strewn about in those rooms.  Husband says I have to pare down some of my stuff…. sad panda, I know.

P.P.S. Do you love the new living room arrangement?  Husband likes it cuz he says the furniture is more “cozy” this way.  (the word “cozy” is a word I’ve never understood unless we’re talking about jammies)

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