My Name is Cupid Valentino…

In my book, Outkast is the bizzle.

This will be the second year in a row that I’ve used a line from an Outkast song for the title of my Valentines post.

What do you think that says about me?

That I’m a badass gangsta?

Yeah thats what I was thinking too.

So I’m actually ahead of the game on Valentines day.  (I can see all your shocked faces now)

I put the mantel together the other day.  I wanted it to be done before Husband came home.

Cuz he would totally notice if it was still Christmas stuff… hardee har har.

 I use books for decorating not for reading.  I chose 3 Valentiney books: Enduring Love, Quite Times A Prayer Book for Couples, and The Keys to Happiness.  And look. They all go together.  Put a little birdie on top to remind me that spring is in fact coming (sooner for me than for you peeps in the midwest) and a Goodwill candle holder.

 This, I was told, is a handkerchief holder.  I got it as a Bridal Shower gift.  I opened it and squealed (I heart pink) and gushed all over the place about how super cute this vase was.  After about 5 minutes of making a complete doodle out of myself, somebody told me what it actually was.  Now it houses antique Valentines year round in former Roommate #2’s room.  It will live on the mantle until March.

And of course you all remember the fugly wreath.  Well I’m running with this “picture hanging from the wreath look”  I”m gonna keep it up until I can’t stand it anymore.  So I slapped one of my antique valentines up there.  walla.

These are obvs from Christmas. But white and red are Valentines colors and if it aint broke don’t fix it.

A zoomed out look at fugly wreath and the vase handkerchief holder.  I need some more substantial flowers.  These ones have been locked up in a closet too long.  Clearly.

Hope you have a fantab Valentines day (if you have a luv-a) If you are single I hope you have a glass bottle of wine and Netflix.  It really is the best medicine.

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