Hey Kids

We move in tomorrow and when we do I’ll take some good pics of this place.

But until then, I’ll post the floor plan.

An actual floor plan and not a crappy free hand drawing.

Lets take a little tour shall we?

You walk right into the kitchen through the front door.  Nothing of note here except that there is a dishwasher.  Unheard of in New York.  Also, there are counter tops and cabinets.  I couldn’t figure out how to draw them with the program I used.  So use your imagination.

The Living room is 14ft by 11ft 3 1/2in.  We are putting the bookcases behind the couch, much like this pic from flikr:

Accross from the couch is the buffet from my dining room moonlighting as a tv stand.  This piece has a ton of storage so we’ll store the dogs leashes, umbrellas, etc. in the drawers and doors.

The bedroom is long and skinny with measurements of 14ft by 8ft 2in.

Because the door to the closet will bump the bed, we’ll be removing the door.  Across from the bed will be a wall of storage.  We will conceal it with either curtains or those screen thingys from ikea.  The desk will also go in the bedroom.  Mostly cuz it doesn’t fit in the living room.

Can’t wait to show you guys some actual pics of the space.  I promise I’ll take them tomorrow when I get there.

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