Pass the Coffee

My beloved Scooters cup filled with Dunkin Doughnuts Coffee

You guys.

I’m gonna suck at having a baby (SOMEDAY)

I got zero sleep last night and this morning I am one crabby ass.

I have a pretty wretched case of TMJ and its rearing its ugly head.

My jaw will not stop locking.  Which causes my muscles around my jaw to seize, which causes me to have a massive headache.

So before bed I slathered Icy Hot all over my jaw and neck.

And it worked and I slept.

Until Sheldon decided to ralph at 2am.

And Shiner decided to ralph at 4:30am.

Then they both wanted to snuggle cuz they are feeling sick.

Cut to me (Icy hot face) and my 2 dogs (furry sheders) in my bed at 5am.

Not the best scenario. (you can come up with your own visual of what this looked like. It wasn’t pretty)

Needless to say, I woke up at 10:30am with no blog post ready and no motivation to do anything but push the button on the coffee machine.

So instead of outfits you get this long winded explanation.

Fun right?

P.S. I would give my left foot for some Scooters right now. (says the girl who lives in a city where you can allegedly get anything…)


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