The (almost) Finished Apartment on 85th

Its as done as its gonna get.

My in laws are coming to visit today.

So today is my deadline to just let it be.

Disclaimer: it is raining outside so the place looks super dark today. Its not normally this cave like. Also, some of these are a little blurry. New camera has a learning curve.

 This is what you see when you walk through the door.  The living room is to the right.

Blurry shot of the kitchen.  The front door is to the left and the living room is behind me.  Also, please note our dishwasher.  This is one of the rarest finds in Manhattan.

 View from the front door looking a bit to the right.  I was sooo happy to have my books back!  This whole room was formed around that rug.  I almost didn’t get my beloved rug cuz Brooklyn Ikea was sold out.  So I convinced the lady to let me buy the display.  I even got $100 off.  THAT is how you bargain shop my friends.

 View straight on.  I’m standing in front of the TV for this shot.

Just as a reminder, this view looked like this a few short days ago:

Sleepless nights, beer and amazing pizza took this shit show to what you see above and below.

 This is a shot from our closet.  The kitchen is to the left of the green chair.  The window looks down on an air shaft.  Not a great view but it does give the living room some sunlight.

This is taken from behind the couch.  Kitchen is to the right, the door on the left is our closet (which is amazing btw) I need to declutter under the buffet a bit.  Details.

Just past the living room is a teeny hallway and in that hallway is our bathroom.  Our shower is surprisingly large and there is a shiz ton of storage in that mirror.  Thank the lord cuz I have a ton of bathroom stuff.

 Obvs. the bedroom.  The closet is to the right.  Our closet is technically a “walk through” like Ms. Carrie Bradshaws closet.  However, once we hung our clothes it no longer allows for walking through.  See:

See our bed through the clothes?  barely? no? well its there.

 Back to the bedroom.  I hauled my booty up on the window sill to take this pic. These windows face the street.  I was nervous about this in the beginning but its surprisingly quiet and blinds and curtains help with privacy.

 Here is the desk area.  Husband has spent like 99% of his time here.

View from our bed.  That wall of curtains is our storage wall.  I want to add 2 more curtains so it looks less like a puppet theatre but Husband claims the curtain wire won’t support more curtains.  I think he doesn’t want to make a third trip to Ikea Brooklyn.  That pile of laziness on the floor would be the dogs.  We took them to the dog park this morning and they are now in comas.

That’s all I have for you now.  The in laws will be here until Saturday.  I hope to be posting more next week now that I can feel like a normal person again.  Tootles!

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