The Great Shoe Stretching Experiment

I got these super cute shoes from modcloth a while back.

Modcloth only had full sizes so an 8 was gonna have to do.  They were a little tight, so when I found a Pin on Pinterest about shoe stretching I was super jazzed.
The fact that this tutorial didn’t use ice or water was one of the reasons I figured I’d give it a go.  I didn’t want to ruin the shoes, just in case this stretching experiment didn’t work and I decided to return them 😉
The gist of the tutorial is: put on socks, put feet in shoes, blow try shoes and wiggle your toes.  Then keep the shoes on until they cool off.  Repeat if needed. Easy peasy.
I wore my husband’s super fashionable red argyle socks for this experiment.
Baby Shiner was really curious as to what I was doing.  Don’t worry, that blow dryer is off.
Good news friends!  It worked!  Really well actually.
So now I don’t have to return my super cute shoes!
Woo hoo!
Rachel Golberg

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