The Return of the Domestic Goddess

Does this look familiar?

It should.
It kinda looks like the before pic from this little project from the Houston house.
This is the bathroom btw.
“Too much shit” is a recurring theme in this apartment.

So I begged and pleaded for Husband to install a shelf above the door in the bathroom.

I need better ways to hide shit and bins on a shelf are great for that.


Could our ceilings get any taller? (spoken in my best Chandler Bing impression)
See the lack of storage I’m dealing with? Toilet paper on top of the mirror.  Super klassy.
Hubs has some serious balance skillz.  PS I was in the tub for this whole process.
Booty shot! Bam!
It’s level and everything.  Thanks Hubs!
So thanks to these 2 bins, the cabinet under my sink is actually navigable.
Left side bin contains all our medicine. Which we have a ton of for some reason.
Middle is guest towels.
Right side bin is all our ‘extra stuff’ I buy in bulk whenever I can. Its just cheaper. But when you don’t have a ton of space sometimes its just plain dumb.  Not any more!
Now our under sink looks like this.
Which to some may not look much different.
Trust. It is.
I can actually find shit now.  Stuff we use everyday is in the front (my make up, lotion, mouthwash) Stuff we use on occasion is further back (cleaning supplies, hair straightener etc)
The other problem I had in this bathroom is lack of storage in the shower.
I can’t just get a regular metal organizer thingy that hangs on the shower head because we have a hand held shower head and the ‘cord’ gets in the way.
So our shit just sits on the sides of the tub which makes me staby cuz it gets all grimey underneath the bottles.
I never in my life thought it would be so effing difficult to find an organizer to accommodate our shower head.
Then I found this random thing and bought it instantly.
It hangs from our shower curtain bar.  Ours is screwed into the walls so it holds just fine.
Changed. My. Life.
The great thing is we never open the curtain far enough to expose this contraption.  Our sink is right there so we can’t really open the curtain any further.
Now my whole bathroom is a nice organized space.
Pretty sure I am still living up to my self imposed title of Domestic Goddess.
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