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Today is supposed to be Menswear Wednesday: Highline edition.

But you guys, I can’t do it today.

Nora Ephron died.

I know a lot of people think I’m ridiculous for being devastated about this.

If you don’t know who she is, google her immediately. (The title is a quote of hers)

Obviously, I’m a fan of Nora Ephron’s work. (hello. You’ve Got Mail)

My obsession with this movie is well documented (here, here )

But, really, I’m a fan of her.

She wrote and directed some great, feel good. romantic comedies.

And I watch them on a continuous loop.


There are 2 other reasons I love her:

Her absolute love affair with New York


Her female characters.

Nora had a way of weaving NYC in to her work.

In her most famous movies (Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally, Julie and Julia) New York is more than a back drop, its a supporting character.

I first fell in love with this city in these movies.

She found the nuances about New York and showed them to us.

And that, to this day, is what I love about this city.

The little shops, the fruit vendors on the corners, the parks, the coffee…¬† The small things that any where else would go unnoticed, but here they define the blocks and neighborhoods that make up this city.

I specifically love New York in You’ve Got Mail (shocker).

She shows NYC through all 4 seasons.

I never knew how poignant that would be for me.

Since 4 seasons will be the amount of time I’m blessed enough to live here.

I could go on for freaking days about this city so I’ll just move on to her female characters.

Her women are not flighty, gold digging, superficial girls.

They are smart women.

And they all love the written word.

Kathleen Kelly – Bookstore owner and lover of children’s literature
Annie Reed – Journalist
Sally Albright – Journalist (Harry: You were going to be a gymnast. Sally: Journalist¬† Harry: Right. That’s what I said)
Julie Powell – Blogger (!) ( I know Julie and Julia was written based on a book that was based on a blog that was not written by Nora Ephron, but still she wrote/directed the movie)

Part of why I love these movies is because I can relate to these characters.

I love seeing women who love to read.

I love seeing women who love to write.

They discuss books and authors and history.

But they are also funny, witty women.

I see myself in these girls.

Sometimes awkward, nose in a book, funny and irreverent.

Thank you, Ms Ephron, for showing me my beloved city while I was pining away in the Midwest.

Thank you for showing me that its ok to be goofy, insecure and funny and have no fear of writing about it.

Thank you for writing movies that get me through the hard times. And thank you for always ending each movie with love.


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